03 September 2010

lust list: waldorf style

I've been trying (somewhat successfully) to stop buying headbands.  I attempted to continue my efforts by abstaining from putting them on my birthday list.  However, I can't stop thinking about the satin headbands from Lock & Mane.

I especially love the Double Loop Bow Headband. It's just so fun...

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  1. Whitney, from time to time i read your blog because i discovered a while back via facebook that you find amazing fashionable items which i seem to add to my always-expanding closet!.. however, your love for headbands has rubbed off on me and i seem to have a new-found collection going! (and i didn't even LOVE headbands until i started reading your tips!!!).. i'm blaming and thanking you for this extravagance! But really, everything you write is quite lovely.. keep it up! xo, B


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