23 September 2010

Maine bound

I leave for Maine this evening for a wedding and I couldn't be more excited. It's my first time to visit Maine and Jim has given me multiple consultations on how different it is than Indiana.  He keeps reminding me that it's less skirts and dresses and more Patagonia fleeces.

His reminders, along with the cooler weather, make me wonder if I should have invested in the Patagonia fleece Jane suggested to me last week.

Or possibly the lovely duck toed boots Erin loves so much.

I'm thinking these assets might make me look slightly more Maine-ready.

Regardless, I'm just impressed with myself for fitting all of my clothes into one tiny carry on...

Now I just have to pray that I have everything I need.  Off to Maine I go...


  1. you go to sooo many weddings!! i hope you have fun! enjoy Maine -maybe you should try to catch a lobster or something!

  2. Post-Weekend Update: temps reached the 80s in Maine on Saturday


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