27 September 2010


I'm a firm believer that Bloomington boasts some of the most spectacular autumns imaginable. However, after asserting this the last two years throughout September and October, Jim has held strong in his belief that New England's are better.

And while I'm not ready to say they are better than Indiana (better than Indiana? Is there such a thing?), I must admit that I found very stiff competition for Bloomington this weekend.

I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with Jim's family in New Hampshire and Maine.  We attended a wedding in Southport, where we stayed at the stunning Newagen Seaside Inn, which, conveniently was where the wedding was held as well. 

The wedding truly could not have been more beautiful, and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more.  From the food, to the dancing, to the company, it could not have been more perfect. 

Jim says the leaves are only just beginning to turn, which further solidifies my only complaint from the weekend: we left too soon.
I tried lobster for the first time!
Margaret Hamilton's house...
 The vows...
And the first dance...
Some Midwestern love...
PS: Thanks to Molly for sharing her pictures

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  1. Just found out that there is a pair of the ruby slippers in Southport!!! So upset that we missed that.


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