04 October 2010


As much as I love dressing up, my true weakness is comfortable clothing.  I am such a sucker for soft sweatshirts, casual pants, and workout gear. 

My greatest weakness is lululemon. I love everything about the company - the products, the advertising, the free yoga classes it sponsors.

Right now I'm dreaming of the Gather & Crow Crops.
I had the (mis?)fortune of discovering a local store that carries them, and ever since I had the (again, mis?)fortune of feeling how soft they are, I cannot stop thinking about them.

While I've been busy dreaming about them, Heidi Klum got busy designing an amazing workout line for New Balance.  Check out the details on my post for the Examiner.

Photo via Mummsy Me.

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  1. i had a dance class today but forgot my sweats so i borrowed a friend's pair of lululemons... even though they were made for girls i have to admit they were so comfy! i'll definitely be looking into their guy section.



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