30 November 2010

...and eat it too

I realize I'm basically the last person on earth to get on board with cupcakes, but I consider the fact that I'm more of an ice cream girl to be my handicap.

Last week, after burning Jim's first birthday cake, and totally messing up the second frozen birthday cake (I know.), I decided it was time to give cakes a rest.  However, I still felt like I kind of owed him a decent birthday dessert, and thought I'd try my hand at cupcakes.

However, after I had the batter made and was ready to pour it into the cupcake tin, I realized I had made 24 cupcakes and only have one tin for six cupcakes.  I also only had enough time to make one batch...

So, I had to make a cake.  Again.

However, this time, I didn't mess it up.  It was a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and although we were way too full for dessert last night, we ate it anyway. And it was very tasty.

However, the combination of a chocolate cake + peanut butter icing + me being in a hurry = decidedly the ugliest cake ever.  So, instead I'll leave you with this...
And, in case you're now having unbearable cravings for cake, I'll also leave you with this...

photos via cooking light and busy being fabulous

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