07 December 2010


Now that Christmas is in full swing in my apartment, I decided it was time to get going with a few of my favorite traditions.

Every year my aunt, Mit, makes the most amazing Buckeyes on Christmas.  Since peanut butter + chocolate is Jim's favorite combination, I thought I'd make some to tide us over until Mit makes her annual batch.

Although mine are not nearly as beautiful as hers, I am still pretty proud of myself (especially considering my domestic struggles lately)...

Also - It should be made clear that I could not have done it without Court walking me through the process on the phone. Merci :)
 My first double boiler!...
 Ta da!


  1. beautiful! good job, twigs! mit would be so proud!!

  2. Didn't know you were celebrating the Buckeye's going to the Sugar Bowl. How sweet of you!! :)


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