25 February 2011

Five Reasons to Yaay!

  1. It's Friday. 
  2. I have my first official house guest this weekend.
  3. Her name is Courtney.
  4. It's going to be warm and sunny, and we're going to play outside.
  5. Even when the weekend is over (sad), it will be OK, because we'll be ONE day away from March.
Happy weekend! What's making you yaay!? 


  1. Great blog! I love it. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. this picture is so adorable! thank goodness its the weekend im about to run far and fast away from my cubicle. its my last weekend with my boyfriend before he leaves for spring training.. sad! anyways i LOVE your comments haha they always make me laugh

  3. I have another reason for you: I tagged you in my post!!! Happy Weekend!

  4. oh how i loved being with you! i miss you like absolute crazy!!!! thank you so much for being the best host EVER! we need to live closer! ahhhh!

    happy almost march!!!

  5. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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