09 February 2011

water, water everywhere

I quit fake sugar in September, most notably giving up on my good friend Diet Coke (RIP).

I haven’t relapsed on DC yet, though I’ve consumed fake sugar three times, twice by accident and the other time because I had no choice – I can’t drink coffee black(!). Other than that, though, I’ve been aspartame free for about 135 days – which is completely insane considering how much I used to love Diet Coke (OK, Splenda too.)

However, now that my new office has free Diet Coke, available on every floor, every day, I’m beginning to question why I ever took on this task in the first place. Sure, I’m sleeping better because I’m not chugging caffeine when I reach the 3.30 crash at work. And sure, there’s a very good chance aspartame will be linked to cancer in the near future…

But around 4 each day, when I’m still far from dinner and snacking on a few pretzels, it’s so tempting to walk a few steps to the kitchen to grab a Coke, and a smile

Trying to stick with the water!

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  1. How do you drink coffee every morning?? I can pretend to not like diet coke, but I just can't live without sweet n' low!

    Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com/

  2. How can you give up DC in Atlanta?!?! You're so strong Whit!


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