30 March 2011

table for two?

For as long as I can remember, I've had this idea that I will someday be the type of person that throws amazing dinner parties. However, I'm halfway through my 24th year and have yet to begin planning one.

Anthropologie's new Tabletop Design Tool makes me think it's probably best I haven't hosted on yet, since my creations were not nearly as lovely as those they made. However, it is an excellent way to practice my table setting skills.


  1. I would just love to throw dinner parties too! Anthropologie always has the best things!

  2. Oh wow... I have a feeling I will spend lots of hours checking this out!

  3. ummm...I had no idea such a tool existed. I'm heading over now to check it out! Table settings are really fun but I always feel like I'm a tad off with my design...this will help!


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