06 May 2011

Take me to the Turf Club

This week has been a little zooey and Friday completely snuck up on me – to the point that I didn’t realize this fabulous triple holiday weekend was upon us.

Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day! Three reasons to celebrate, PLUS Duke’s graduation, all packed into one tiny weekend.

Since I already missed my chance to blog about sombreros and crazy colorful dresses, I best be sure to have my Derby gear ready.

Throw on a seersucker dress and oversized hat (just pull out the one you used for the Royal Wedding), grab a mint julep, and count your lucky stars. My money is on Archarcharch.

See you in the winner’s circle, folks.

PS: If you need something for your fella to wear this weekend, indulge here.

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  1. i tried to drink a mint julep over the weekend, you know, in the spirit of things... but it was just a leeetle bit strong for me... i had no idea what to expect! oh well.


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