23 September 2011

can we talk about this?

I've long since been back and forth on the whole nature vs. nurture idea. But my plants are basically living(ish) proof that although I nurtured them equally, sometimes nature really is stronger.

Neither look quite as beautiful as they did two weeks ago when my mom poured lots of Muff love into them, but Tallulah is hanging in...
Whereas Delilah is on the struggle bus...
You see the arrow? That bunch of leaves is still attached, and is supposed to be climbing my railing. Instead, it's doing the horizontal on the ground.

Maybe they'll be more resilient as fall settles in?


  1. your plants look great! i seriously have a black thumb and seem to kill any plant living in my home. it's a serious bummer!


  2. I think they look lovely! Even if she's not growing up the side of your house, Delilah is growing, right?

    P.S. I love the way you named your plants. My Christmas cactus Ellie May died a few months back. I ain't so good with plants.

  3. awe, i'm lacking in the green thumb department myself - horizontal mambos may be a lot of fun for us peeps but poor plants don't take so well to it. super sad face, keep trying...you could pull this one out of the hat still! happy Sunday! ♥

  4. why did we not get the green thumb that mom, mit and boba have???


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