26 October 2011


I've often heard cooking described as an art, but a recent endeavor of mine proves otherwise. Due to a lifelong quest to find the perfect on the go breakfast, I made egg and spinach quiche cups.

I thought they'd look like this:
But they actually turned out like this:
Although they were less than beautiful, they were pretty tasty. They're only 75 calories, and super easy to make (recipe!). I added extra cheese because, well, obviously, and also added jalapenos because I'm having a love affair with them, as well as lots of Cayenne. I think the trouble was that I didn't drain the spinach well enough and too much water overflowed. Also, the suggested 10 ounces of spinach was too much. I'd half it.

And to redeem myself from this disaster, Hannah and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, and although the pumpkins on top would certainly be abstract art, they made us proud:


  1. hahah love your results..who cares how it looks though..as long as they tasted good right? :-)

  2. Looks delicious anyway! You're so doe-mestic.

  3. Hahahahahaa. I never bake or cook anything that looks pretty, either. It always turns into a giant mess. As long as they taste good, who cares?

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