12 October 2011

zachary binx!

I nearly had a panic attack last week when I realized we were a full six days into October and I had yet to watch Hocus Pocus. Real life emergency.

Fortunately, plans were already in motion for a super autumnal celebration with some of my very favorite Atlantans. Between carving pumpkins, eating lots of Halloweenish snacks (mainly cider) and, of course, watching Hocus Pocus, my panic attack has subsided.

ta da!


  1. I modeled my adolescent life after Zachary Binx. Best. Decision. Ever.

  2. Looks like so much fun! ABC's 13 days of Halloween starts soon = )

  3. Nice carving, Whit! You're definitely ready for Halloween Wars on Food Network. I hope lots of candy corn was involved, as well! It took me a minute to remember who Zachary Binx is.

  4. After naming our cat Zachery Binx after the one in Hocus Pocus, I saw several posts saying that it was Thackery Binx. When I watched tonight, I found out that they were right. :-(


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