05 December 2011

Goodbye Goodwynn! Moving day...

My mom has this theory when it's lightly raining that if she doesn't turn on her windshield wipers, she might be able to will the rain away. If she doesn't admit it's not raining, maybe it won't be.

If you know my mom, this mind over matter mentality isn't shocking. Known as glass half completely full type of girl, she firmly believes that anything is possible with the right attitude.

This weekend, she proved that her theory is, in fact, true.

Like a machine, she helped me move from my apartment to my new home and although I never doubted that it could be done, she somehow still amazed me. Powered almost entirely by Caramel Macchiattos, we pushed through 48 hours of nonstop moving bliss (really. we had so much fun.) and Saturday night, when I was thinking bed was sounding just perfect, she looked at me and said, "You won't mind if I just clean a little, will you?" Baseboards, floors, bathroom and kitchen later, you would have thought she was getting my apartment ready for a showing. If it wasn't sparkling when I moved in, it certainly was when I moved out.

And as I kissed the place goodbye Sunday morning, I was especially happy to have her with me. Although when it comes to being sentimental I'm not always the first to jump on board, I felt surprisingly sad as I left. I've been through a lot in this happy little place, from my first Christmas tree to countless recipe experimentations - and many things in between - I'll never forget my first. I may or may not said I love you as I left...

I think that's enough true confession time for one day. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. But as a parting gift: adios 409! It's been real...
...Yes, I left my birthday sign up from September until December.
And because we couldn't give up our last night in the apartment, we slept on the flizoor. 


  1. aww goodbye 409. even though i only spent a weekend there, i really enjoyed your adorable apt. i can't wait to see the new place :)

  2. welcome to your new home! can't wait to visit!!

  3. It must be in their DNA! My mama is a packing and unpacking master!


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