17 January 2012

three cheers [and three days!] for MLK

We had yesterdoozy off for MLK day and it was glorious. I had a baby panic attack when I woke up - positive that I actually needed to go in, but after quickly checking my email and realizing no one was missing me at the office, I rolled right over and snuggled under my covers for another hour. 

I checked off a few small tasks, but mainly just enjoyed a slow day, including coffee+the Today show, bike shopping for tri training, a long walk in the afternoon with Abby and experimenting with a new veggie burger recipe. 

The day affirmed my belief that every weekend should be three days and I'm about ten seconds away from starting a petition. Areyawithme!?

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  1. yum, veggie burgers! glad you had the day off. wish my hubby did too :( but it was a nice day nonetheless!!!



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