15 February 2012

second chances

Remember Tallulah and Delilah? Ya. They didn't make it to the new house.

Instead, Katie planted two beautiful flowers on our stoop. Then, the following day, she accidentally knocked one of the pots off with her suitcase, spilling the soil and happy flowers everywhere.

Is my bad luck with plants rubbing off on her?

She didn't have time to repot it before she left town, so, unaware of my [lack of] skills, she asked me to do it. I went for it this weekend, and am going to put all of effort into not killing them before she gets back into town.

I'm also putting all of my effort into not naming them, since they're her plants and it should really be her choice. It's a big decision.

But if I were going to name them, I would probably pick Marcy and Minty. I'm just saying...


  1. Ah! Don't give up! I used to have terrible luck with plants too! It just takes a couple times to practice and every plant is different

  2. i am terrible with plants too. i have a dwarf lemon tree that is hanging on for dear life and i'm really doing nothing to help it!


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