23 May 2012

bibers take the a.

Would you even believe me if I said I had yet another round of family visiting this weekend? Luckiest girl in the world!

Ryan had a conference in Atlanta, so Court&Co. came with him. And once word got out that I'd have three Smith kiddos at my house, the guests started pouring in. Ash and Diego flew in from Denver, my mama came from Indy and Duke drove up from Statesboro. We were desperately missing my dad and Sam, but other than that, the weekend was pretty stellar.

It was a flurry of activity, the majority of which was spent outside - we walked all over Midtown and the Highlands, posted up at the W's pool, got carry out for dinner, fed the ducks (&turtles and fish) in Piedmont Park, discovered new playgrounds and just loved on each other.

As usual, the weekend was too short and so sweet. I just love them! Come back to me soon, guys!

PS: I took almost no photos except one at the pool and one of Duke hula hooping. A gem!


  1. missing you so much already!!!! thank you for being the best hostess!!!!

  2. Ah! Such an amazing weekend. Life as it should be...together! I'm missing late night chatting. And, isn't each day supposed to start with a family workout and Starbucks?!


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