25 July 2012

what shall we call you?

Last month, I updated you on my one tri: one well campaign for charity: water, where, together, we raised $5,841. And now, I am so excited to fill you in on the next steps.

The funds have been distributed, and during the course of the next 18 months, they'll begin digging the well. Once it is complete, they'll send me a report, with photos, village information and GPS coordinates for where the well is located. Check out an example of these details here. I can't wait to Google earth the coordinates!

But before any of that happens, I have to name the well. And I wouldn't feel right doing it without your help. Obviously.

Below are a few ideas I have. Be sure to vote, or, if you have something better, leave it as a comment. It just has to be 50 characters or less, including spaces. I'm not sure I am sold on any of them yet, so I am certainly open to suggestions.

And thank you - in advance - for the great ideas I know will flow like water from your minds.

charity: water well name

Also - check out this amazing video about charity: water's latest well. I watched it. And I cried.


  1. I'm so proud of you. It's so awesome that you really get to see your well come to fruition and the donations don't just go into some unnamed project. Love it!

  2. I say you name it "Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

    All kidding aside, this is an awesome, amazing thing you've done, and I look forward to seeing those coordinates too!

  3. love them all. vote casted. but, what about "whit's well?" i know you love alliteration. :)

  4. wonderful project! The one I voted for has the most votes! whoohoo

  5. How about "Tri and You Well Succeed"?


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