04 October 2012

don't mind if i do...

Is this what being pregnant feels like? Everywhere I go with this boot on, people move out of the way, offer me a chair, ask me if I am OK, check to see if they can get me anything...

I either look pitiful lugging this five pounder around, hair amiss, OR people are just inherently that nice.

I think the latter.

Or maybe a cool combination of both.

I'm not going to say I plan to take advantage of the situation. But if people want to throw money or snacks my way, I am not going to stop them.

These next eight weeks might be better than anticipated...


image and image


  1. 1 one week down, 7 weeks to go. I'm not counting or anything... but the fact that I'm in a lot less pain since putting this ski boot on, I'm going to say it's working. People talk to me a lot more...and stare a lot more too. I guess that's the norm though? Glad we're in this together!


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