24 October 2012

hold on tight

I've never prescribed to the idea of organized chaos. In general (note: general meaning always) I prefer it all organized, and no chaos. 

However, while I thrive on a diet of order and routine, nothing stimulates me like a small change. Reorganizing a room. A quick house project. A new blog design

But here is where I struggle. When do you make changes in friendships? When do you let go? 

I'm a keep in touch addict, always trying to maintain long distance friendships from college, high school and beyond. Because I am so grateful for the friendships that have gotten me where I am today, and I care deeply where these friends end up.

But at some point, do you just have to let go? And realize there isn't enough time to be everything to everyone all the time? And that by letting things fall away, you make room for new things to blossom? Or for friendships that have stayed strong, and grown together for years, to continue to grow into something beautiful and new? 

It scares me. Very much. Because nothing warms my heart more than talking to someone for the first time in a while and realizing you never skipped a beat at all - that everything feels the same, and you can still connect deeply.

But maybe that's what makes it not scary at all. That in letting go, we're just giving a little bit of space to grow - not apart - but as individuals. And if, in fact, we do come back together down the line, we'll not only have more perspective to share, but will also be able to pick right back up where we left off.

I know it's not about forgetting. Certainly not. 

In fact, it might not fully be about letting go of people, either, but instead realizing that we are all moving, every day, in different directions. And sometimes, we may be heading a different direction than someone who was once by our side. While it's scary not to have them holding our hand, it's the chance to step back, watch one another grow, and be grateful for them getting us this far along. 


  1. I think that sometimes it's really really important to just let go. It's hard, and I miss some of friendships very much, but I know that there are some friendships that exist for the long haul. I think you'll really enjoy this poem:


  2. i am a keep in touch friend too i don't believe that distance is an excuse for why friendships fade but i have found myself always being the one to maintain the friendship. and then i realize that i just have to let go, it sucks, i hate it but sometimes it is for the better

  3. thanks amanda!! this is great!


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