31 October 2012

oh happy day!

Ever since I was a tot, I remember l.o.v.i.n.g this day. 

In fourth grade, I was reaalllly sick on Halloween, but I refused to tell anyone how bad I felt, because I knew they wouldn't let me trick or treat. And what's fall without trick or treating, nahmean? 

I'm a little bit disppointed in myself today, because I didn't do anything too Halloweenish this season. No Haunted House or pumpkin patch or apple picking. 

The day just snuck up on me! 

To make up for it, some of my friends are coming over tonight for fall festivities (+ vino) and to help pass out candy to the kids in the area. It's not a total grand slam, but for last minute plans, it'll be pretty happy. 

I hope your day is so scary and fun and full of candy!

PS Just to confirm, I did watch Hocus Pocus. I haven't totally fallen apart.


  1. LOL my post today is about HP too...LOVE that movie. Happy Halloweenie!

  2. M bought Hocus Pocus on blu-ray, so you can come over and watch it with us anyyyy time. It snuck up on us too.

  3. i totally watched hocus pocus the other night when it was on. love it.

  4. Hocus Pocus is THE best. Love it.


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