02 October 2012

on luck and unluck

I'm not sure if this is bragging or not - it doesn't feel like it, because it's just a fact of my life: I am very lucky. I win things all the time, get upgraded to first class regularly, have never met a giveaway I haven't won...

OK it might be bragging. But it's not an exaggerated brag, at least.

However, at times, I have tried to decide if I also go through periods of unluck. I'm not sure if I've found a pattern yet, but this weekend, it felt a little bit like an apocalypse of my life.

I was not fully honest yesterday, by omission. I didn't explain that the reason why I was standing on our kitchen counter was because our house has rats. Yes. Our sweet little VaHi abode is infested. Like they're owning us.

So I was standing on the counter in an effort to escape the rats in our kitchen.

And I obviously didn't share this because rats are disgusting, and by the transitive property, I didn't want you to think I'm disgusting.

So, rats are unlucky. Breaking my foot because of the rats? Pretty unlucky. And then, on yesterday's rainy Monday morning, I woke up to find that the rats were no longer contained to the communal living spaces in our home, but - oh yes - were in my room. Not only that, but it turns out that their *entryway* into our house is via my bedroom.

Rats. in. my. room.

I obviously cried.

And then I scooted out of our house ASAP, only to find that my beloved Jeep had died. Seven years of uninterrupted love, service and devotion from the Liberty, and it decides to let me down when I'm running from the rats. When I called Progressive to come fix it, she said "Progressive roadside service, are you in a safe place?" and I debated saying no. Though that would have been hard to explain since the next question was, "Are you at home?"

So that's kind of a lot of unluck for one 48 hour span. I'm hoping that will be all of the woes for a while.

The good news was that because I was carless, I got to spend the day working from San Fransisco Coffee, sipping lattes and enjoying life among the work from homers. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Monday! It also makes my "lame" foot breaking story a little bit funnier. Who needs water skiing when you're running from human-sized rats.

(That was an exaggeration. They're not human sized. More like bear sized.)


  1. Oh my gosh Whit you poor thing! eeeek rats would totally freak me out, no way could i go to sleep at night! One little cockroach is enough to give me the shudders! I hope you get rid of them soon and you start getting lucky again :)

  2. I died while reading this during my lunch break! Sorry to get so much enjoyment out of your unlucky 48 hours! Miss you!

  3. hahaha! even though i knew the whole story (that you broke your foot being chased by 10 bad guys, 1 bear, and a cheetah) i still laughed out loud!
    thankfully, we ALL know your luck will turn around in about 2 seconds flat! maybe just wait a day or two to go the apple store for that new phone. :)

  4. Oh, man! I'm glad you can laugh about it...a sure way to turn that luck right around! Heal up, little foot!


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