20 December 2012

merry christmas from the highlands!

I've been stuhruggling to get in the holiday groove this year. My shopping is done and presents are wrapped, but for some reason, I can't buy in to the fact that Christmas is just next week. Where did December go!? 

However, last night, my roommates and I had our own Christmas celebration, and I am now, finally, beginning to believe it's really here. Midway through Melissa and Katie both admitted they, too, were having a hard time getting in the holiday groove - and we all agreed that our happy celebration was just what we needed to make it feel like Christmas.

We exchanged gifts, went on a long walk to look at lights, then watched a Christmas movie and ate the cookies that our neighbors brought us. I feel so fortunate to live with these two - and am so happy we got to celebrate together.

Melissa got us all vino-to-go cups, which came in handy immediately on our walk.
Merry almost Christmas!


  1. I have felt that way this year as well - it just hasn't seemed like Christmas. For me the reason is that it's just been ridiculously warm here haha! Most of my friends love that but not me - I want snow!! :)

  2. You guys did the cutest wrapping! Vino to go cups? Genius! Happy holidays!!

  3. you girls have so much fun.... I'm with you on lack of Christmas spirit. The month of December just went by too quickly!


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