11 January 2013

late nighting at woody's

Last night at around 10:30 Katie and I found ourselves deep in conversation as the only customers at Woody's.

We ended up there after a conversation that went something like this...
Katie: Austen needs to decide on his groom's cake
Me: I'm going to have an ice cream cake groom's cake at my wedding
Katie: (pause) The bride doesn't get to pick the groom's cake...
Me: Right. But what if it's a Dairy Queen ice cream cake?

This led to a solid conversation about ice cream cake, which led to us Googling Dairy Queens in Atlanta trying to find an open location (there were none), and finally, Katie realizing that Woody's was just up the road, us making a trip there for milkshakes.

I'd never been (bucket list #98), but it felt especially symbolic on our second-to-last night as roommates because (1) Katie went the night we moved in to Courtenay Drive, really bookending the experience. And (2) Woody's is across the street from our Charles Allen house (980 Charles Allen Drive: 981 Monroe Drive), so we sat there are reflected on our last year together, looking out on our old street.

We both went to bed after amazing peanut butter milkshakes saying: we're making the right choice moving. Right?

And this morning we woke up to yet another lovely rat in our kitchen (I promise we're not gross people! It's not us!), and decided yes. Moving is certainly the right choice.

Fortunately Woody's still won't be too far away, and no distance is ever too far for ice cream, nahmean?

Happy Friday!


  1. OMG! The rats are NEVER your fault!!
    AND, there IS a DQ near me, for future reference.

  2. wish i had been there with you two!!!! happy friday!

  3. This post makes me want some Oreo Ice Cream Cake!!!

  4. I love this picture. I'm a little sad that you two won't be roomies anymore, but oh so glad that you will live in a lovely, rat-free house!

  5. Haha, sounds like quite the interesting food adventures you two have had. Cute photo and background story!



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