20 February 2013

::katie's tea party::

A few weeks ago, Emily and Ann Marie and I hosted a bridal shower for Katie at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Room. The very talented Reuben Renta captured the day on camera, and even though it's been a minute since the shower, I wanted to share his pictures. They're too happy to go unposted :)

The beautiful bride.

Part of the bridal party. 

Isn't she the best?

We loved celebrating you, Katie! And thank you so much for being there, Reuben!

PS:Be sure to check out Reuben's blog, too! 


  1. Are those DVDs or books on that shelf??

    Looks like a fun time was had!

  2. How cute is this!!! My MIL through me a tea party shower too, which turned out soooo beautiful!! The bride to be is adorable! Love these pics.

  3. super classy & vintage. two of my favorite things.


  4. So so so cute!!! That tea room looks awesome too.

    Thanks for sharing these happy pictures, Whitney!

  5. How adorable is this little tea party? You've inspired me to find a cute tea room in Houston this weekend!

  6. Love it especially the group picture! You can never go wrong with a tea party! So chic!


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