25 February 2013

weekends // possiblity // happiness

I absolutely love traveling, but there is something to be said for wide open weekends in Atlanta. I love they way they fall into place, making me fall even more in love with this city. The way they're so full of possibility and adventure. 

Friday, some friends and I celebrated the very prestigious National Margarita Day. It obviously couldn't go uncelebrated. 

Saturday, I went to an insanely hard workout class, Katie Gold's birthday brunch, where I tried lox for the first time (so tasty!), met my friend Christina's sweet new baby boy, went to drinks with friends, and had dinner and an excellent convo with Abby.

Sunday, I went to church and lunch with friends, went for a run, got coffee in the park with Ben, and enjoyed the amazing weather a la drinks on our porch with friends. 
It was a weekend full of tiny events and happy friends that fully reminded me that spring is just around the corner. And there are few things that are as wonderful as spring in this city. 

I hope your weekend was fun and happy, too!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! We've missed you in blogland :)

  2. I don't know how I missed national margarita day, dang! I need one right now on this Monday morning...

    Oh! This may sound weird, but a good friend of mine moved to ATL last year and she was telling me that she hasn't made any girl friends while she's been there. (She moved to be with her fiance, so she only knows his friends.) I happened to tell her about your since you live there! She would love you! haha She doesn't have a blog, but I told her about yours so she might just contact you!!!


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