18 March 2013

warmed me up

I don't often seek out cold weather voluntarily, so heading to Chicago in mid-March, the time of year when the Mason-Dixon line divides the Midwest and South most clearly with a thermometer, might not seem like something I'd do. But the thing about Chicago is that there are so many people there that I love, that even when it's snowing, I'm warmed all the way to my core. 

This weekend, I visited Sara and Katie in Chicago for St. Patrick's day and the weekend was pure bliss. It's weird, because you think you're obsessed with people and then you have a weekend like this and become even more obsessed when you didn't even think that was possible. 

Friday, we went to a new bar called Bub City, which plays country music exclusively. My dear friend Callie met up with us, which only made it that much sweeter. Callie and I met freshman year of college when we were at UChicago and although I left for Indiana sophomore year, we never miss a beat when we're together. 

{Old picture because we were, as Callie said, too busy dancing to snap pics Friday night. But this girl needs some air time.}

Saturday, our friend Austin had a party. He'd planned for it to be exclusively rooftop, but the snow had other plans in mind. It turned into an indoor/outdoor when-you-could-handle-it party. 

{Loved loved loved seeing Kelley & Allyson. A lot.}

Sunday, we went to Sara's spin class before I flew out. It was hard. Sara the spin instructor rocked us. We incentivized it with the promise of large coffees afterward. At one point, when we were climbing a hill and struggling through, Katie looked over at me and mouthed: COFFEE. It was worth the work. 

After the whirlwinding died down Sunday afternoon, we realized I had 15 minutes to shower and leave for the airport. And then we were like: Wait. What happened? Where did this weekend go? It just began. 

And we didn't think it was cool of the airline for demanding promptness. 

So I'm counting down the days until I can see these amazing people again soon. I'm thinking a Cinco de Mayo celebration just might be in order. Until then...



  1. Glad you had a great weekend :)

  2. oooh fun stuff! i haven't been to chicago in so long, but i loved it the last time i was there!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. What an awesome weekend! I was just up there not too long ago for my birthday and I loved it! Such a fun city.
    Floating Along

  4. sounds super fun! you stay traveling, girl. love it!

    xx L

  5. Looks like you had an awesome St. Patty's! Hope your week is just as amazing until next weekend!

  6. You can never go wrong with St. Patty's Day in the city! Just wished the weather would have been nicer for you!


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