07 May 2013

Chucktown Weekend

Our girl Katie is getting married next month, so last weekend we headed to Charleston for her bachelorette party. I'd never been before (love!) and was so happy to have a full weekend to celebrate her soon-to-expire-singleness.
Her sister did an amazing job planning a weekend full of activities, but my favorites had to be morning yoga outside, Saturday night out in Charleston, and of course, plenty of typical bachelorette games that need not be photographed.
Katie, thank you for letting us come together to celebrate you! We cannot wait to do it again at your wedding next month!
{our happy beach house!}


  1. Sounds like a great weekend Whitney! So jealy, Charleston is one of my favorite places ever.

  2. LOVE Charleston!!! Two of my closet college friends like down there. It's such a great place. Enjoy the wedding.


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