26 September 2013

it can wait

I don't normally blog about things like this, but I feel it too much not to share.

Last week I was at home and my parents were really pushing no texting and driving to Sam and me. I heard them but it wasn't until Friday, when my mom and I pulled into the driveway that I really heard it. We were pulling in and two little blonde boys - probably three and four - ran out in front of us. My mom braked and it was in that moment that it clicked for me. I try not to text and drive but have my "safe zones," where i feel like it's OK to look at my phone. The red lights, stop signs and that last ten feet before I'm home. Had I been pulling into our driveway texting, though, I would have hit those sweet kids.

I decided I had to fast - really fast - from it, because texting and driving really is an epidemic. I took the pledge and am promising myself that no matter how important the email, text or (shamefully) Instagram feels in to moment, it can definitely wait.


  1. This is wonderful Whitney. I used to be so bad about this until a lady in my small town wrecked and killed two of her children....due to texting. Isn't that sad?? It woke me up. I now place my phone in my pocket while driving and I do not take it out - no matter what.

  2. I completely agree! I have had so many moments where I looked away for a second and I almost had an accident. Thankfully it's illegal to be on your phone in California so the fear of a $500 ticket really curbs my need to check a text message. Good for you!

    1. that certainly helps :) thanks for the support!


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