12 September 2013

Three Things for August: Update!

Well, my plan worked. Giving up dairy in August, as well as waiting for my birthday to arrive (I'm still a seven-year-old inside), slowed the month down in the best way possible. Here's how things panned out...

1. Giving up dairy. Golly. Just as I feared. I felt much better without dairy. My skin was clearer. My digestion was better. I wasn't bloated. I had more energy. So much motivation not to eat it! I didn't miss cheese like I thought I would, but I did miss cream in my coffee, froyo and cottage cheese (gross, I know. But I love it. You may judge.). 

Between our family vacation, my birthday and the lake last weekend, I have been fully on the dairy train in September. Now that the celebrating is over, though, I think I will stick with dairy-free living for the most part. The pros outweigh the cons, for sure. Will I ever enjoy froyo again? Obviously! But, on the whole, I think I'll stick with abstaining. 

PS: Atlantans, does anyone know of a good dairy-free froyo place? It would be a game changer!

2. Blog sponsors. Taking on blog sponsors has been really fun! The free shoes were an obvious perk :) I've also loved promoting people in my sidebar and via sponsored posts. It's so much fun to support people pursuing their passions and it's making me feel more connected with the blogging community. 

I'm going to continue into October with sponsors, too. If you're interested, you can sign up here to get a sidebar ad, or email me if you want to do a product review or giveaway.

PS: I meant to tell you yesterday, when I moved my blog, all of the comments from the last month got deleted because of a blogger glitch. So sorry if yours got deleted! It wasn't intentional.

3. The frame wall. Oh happy room! My wall is complete and I'm loving it so much. It makes my room so much warmer and I smile every time I look at it. 

You might be thinking I got carried away by calling this little display of frames a "frame wall," but, if you know me well, you know this is a lot of chaos for me. I'm more of a barren chic type of girl, so three different types of frames is puhlenty for now. 

Courtney also gave me this awesome Indiana print for my birthday. I'm thinking I might incorporate my Appetite Paper print into the frame wall, so this one can stand alone. Indiana kind of calls for its own wall, dontyathink?

So there you go! That's how August rolled. 


  1. Oh goodness there's no way I could give up dairy - I like ice cream too much! Love the frame wall.

  2. your frame wall turned out SO beautifully!! great job :)

  3. I love cottage cheese AND Froyo, but you've inspired me to try giving it up to see if I get the same positive results! I have noticed that almost all Froyo places have at least one dairy-free option, usually a sorbet-type, fruity flavor.

    1. They so do, but those options just are nottt the same as peanut butter or vanilla or chocolate... you know!?

  4. Just had to pop in to defend cottage cheese. It's delicious - love it proudly :)

  5. the raspberry at yoforia is delicious and it's dairy free!
    your frame wall looks awesome! :)

  6. I had to give up dairy due to my new baby's tummy problems and it has been so challenging. I miss my ice cream and cave once in a while:)


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