16 October 2013

arugula and basil pesto // recipe

The magical thing about having a CSA is you have veggies all.the.time. I barely even have to go to the grocery! And this week, my box was full, full, most notably with some serious greens. 

Because I can no longer shop in the garden of Howden (aka my uncle's backyard), pesto isn't quite as easy to make. Why they charge so much for basil is really beyond me. 

However, this week my CSA came with both lots of greens AND pine nuts. 

You know what I'm thinking, don't you?

A mixed greens pesto!


Because I don't know what to do with pine nuts other than put them in pesto. 

Here's how it went down:

1/4 c. pine nuts
2 c. arugula, kale, spinach or mixed greens (arugula makes it spicier)
1 and 1/2 c. basil
1/3 c. olive oil (add more if needed)
Salt, pepper to taste
Garlic if you like garlic (not this girl!)

To make
Pour all ingredients in food processor, with pine nuts on bottom
Blend until creamy

And enjoy :)

I put mine over quinoa pasta and it was wonderfullll.

Do y'all like that my recipes are basically always two steps? It's for the kids!

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  1. mind kinda gal, love a simple two stepper!
    I've also toasted pine nuts and put them on salads- unbelievable butteryness.

    see your pretty face in Austin, YEEHAW!

  2. i love homemade pesto! i cant' stand the storebought kind

  3. Always having vegetables is one reason I've never wanted to join a CSA... #notaveggiefan

    However, this pesto sounds yummy! And a way to eat more greens...without actually really having to eat greens in the leaf form.


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