01 August 2014

august spending hiatus

How is it August? When did this happen? July was a blink.

This month, Melissa and I decided we're taking on a challenge in our house. We're having a month of no unnecessary spending. 

What is unnecessary?
- No clothes
- No house decor
- No meals out that aren't already planned or needed (i.e. no stopping at Whole Foods when I don't have time to make food for bible study Monday nights)
- No jewelry or accessories

What is still OK to buy?
- Groceries
- Toiletries (clarification: shampoo if we run out is OK. makeup for fun is not)
- Coffee (we had to give ourselves a break here)
- Dinners that are already planned

I'm doing it because I realized that recently I'm feeling weighed down by my stuff, but also having a serious urge to shop. So: my closet is too full of things I don't wear and yet I keep wanting to bring in more inventory.

Why not nip the spending in the bud and also remind myself that I actually DO have something to wear (read: I have nothing to wear! ---> said every girl ever). 

So that's our plan :) See you in September, Madewell.com! 


  1. I totally needed this post right now, I feel the same exact way. I'm a shopaholic and I just need to center myself again without "things" plus my bank account will thank me. Good luck with it!

  2. I need to stop spending any and all money. $20 here and $20 there adds up so quickly!

  3. i think i'm going to join you on this! i've been bit by the shopping bug lately and i think a month off of buying clothes would be good for me. and my wallet. so would the no meals out - i'm definitely guilty of stopping in whole foods on my way home from teaching because i don't feel like cooking dinner, but it adds up!

  4. This month is my first month on a REAL budget and I can't wait to see how much I save when I am not out spending freely. I also suggest when you go out for needed items - only take cash, no debit card. I don't typically shop for myself, but this will help when I want to buy things for other people.

    1. the cash method is so helpful. you're right!

  5. Hahah you are so silly...but I agree...always saying we have nothing to wear. I am going to do some major closet cleaning/donating/reselling at the end of this month. Then make a list of essentials such as cardigans, jeans, etc...that I actually need to replace. I bought way too much summer clothes back in spring and I still have not worn it all!!! Sometimes I just can't get out of my running or yoga pants! Good Luck!! :-)

  6. Goodness, this is so true and so brave. Most of the time my weaknesses are going out to eat, or meeting for drinks with friends after work all. the . time.

    Good Luck!! You'll do great!

    Andrea Fer, Co See Na Blog

  7. Made it through tax free weekend, now the rest of the month will be a breeze! (boom,clap!)

  8. This sounds like a great plan and your bank account will thank you! I've been in a shopping mood myself but the thing that's helping me stay away is that I'm not ready to buy Fall clothes yet which is what stores are currently full of! I also totally recommend doing a closet clean-out and selling items to Twice (they mail you the bag and you drop it at the post office for free) it's super easy and you don't make a ton of money but enough to buy yourself a few new things ;)

    1. oh so smart! i looked into thread up once. i'll check it out!


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