25 August 2014

life lately

+ dates with this kid are my favorite 
+ hot, sticky georgia mornings give me energy 
+ and hot, sticky georgia nights warm my heart 
+ daily inspiration keeps my brain in check 
+ restaurants with games are the smartest ones - why doesn't everyone do it? 
+ i don't know why everyone else can use the wand and my hair ends up a mess 
+ i'm holding on to sweet summer as tightly as i can, but so excited for the fall ahead

// and that's life lately //


  1. Aww these pictures are so fun! I am so right there with you about the curling wand! Everyone else seems to make it seem effortless but I can't seem to get the hang of it!

  2. I like to use the wand to make my hair look messy on purpose haha. Where is this ping pong situation? I want to go!


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