03 September 2014

:: the happiest of labor days ::

With the dearest friends.

Who brought personalized koozies & tumblers (because they're just one of a kind). 

And brunches at Parish and Rosebud.

And Shooting the Hooch.

And {a leetle} football watching (but mostly just talking). 

And some pool time. 

And JCT's Sunday Supper with Chris after they left (so sad!). 

And a little more pool time to make sure we soaked up the unofficial last bits of summer. 

And tons of laughing.

I hope your Labor Day was unlaborious and full of sun! 

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  1. Omigosh this looks like such a fun Labor Day weekend and the perfect way to enjoy the last parts of summer! LOVE that you guys did personalized koozies... too cute! And I'm loving your blue top and black and white shorts, so cute!


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