09 October 2014

10 friends every girl in her 20s needs

1. The one who is your boyfriend: She's there to pick you up from the airport, throw your birthday party and try new restaurants with you. Essentially, she's your boyfriend when you're single or your significant other is unavailable. And she rocks. 

2. The long-distance bestie: Sometimes, the best perspective comes from a little farther away. She's there to FaceTime you to pick out your date outfit, then waits for the call when it's over. It's the relationship that continues to grow right alongside the distance. 

3. The one who never cancels: The reliable person you know will show up, on time, probably with a gift. She's kind of like your very own Martha Stewart.

4. The one who thinks you're always right. I think of it as the mom of friends. She's ready to take your side no matter what, even when you might be just a teensy bit wrong. We all need a cheerleader from time to time. 

5. The one who challenges you. The person that makes you think outside the box and asks the hard questions. She probably can't be the same person as #4.

6. The one you go to Target with: Sometimes, actual plans are hard to make. But errands with a pal? There's always time for that. You can both respect that life is busy and time together is well spent even when you're getting a manicure, grabbing Starbucks and running to Target.

7. The one who is up for anything: A last-minute concert on a Monday? Yep. A random yard sale 40 minutes away? Why not? An unplanned trip you probably can't afford? Sure thing. Everyone needs an adventurer in their life. 

8. The financial advisor: She speaks 401k and is there to remind you that you really shouldn't put it on your credit card. 

9. The one who makes you slow down and connect: Just give her a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and she's primed for a heart-to-heart. She's the one who believes that the world is bigger than us and the most important thing we can invest in is one another. And she's totally right.

10. The one who is better than you: Or rather, who you think is better than you; she's the one you admire. She might be funnier or more patient or more philanthropic. She's the one who you strive to be not out of jealousy or competitiveness but simply because she makes the world a little brighter.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this list! I feel like our twenties are such a turbulent confusing time and having friends like the ones you listed make it all the better and so much easier! Grateful to have many friends on this list and to be making some new ones too! (Though I can't say I've ever had the financial advisor friend haha my bank account would be happier if I did!)

  2. ahhhh to be in my 20's again lol....this list makes me feel like I need more friends! haha

  3. I absolutely LoVe this post. I'm in my 30's, but I want all of these girlfriends, too.


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