13 November 2014

{the last few weeks}

Hello :) I'm back from my accidental blogging break. Here's where the last few weeks went...


Robyn came to visit for Halloween. And, yes, I do mean that Jane Fonda came to visit Zack and Kelly at Bayside...

We also went to Chomp and Stomp, which was my first time and is now one of my favorite things ATL's fall has to offer. (Bucket list #124)

And then it was sweet Sam's 25th birthday. We celebrated with friends and toasted him and the amazing man he is. 

And, also, made a cooler out of a pumpkin. :)

And then, at work, I planned a conference for young professionals, which also meant meeting Bill Rancic. Who, I had no idea how dang cute he is! 

And after that, Courtney and Ashley (&Max!) came into town so we could have a beach trip. But before we did that, we celebrated Sam's birthday again. And also took this slightly awkward family photo. Why does it look like we are claiming Sam? #thislandismyland

Then, we drove to the beach.



Then, Ash and I drove back to Atlanta, where she got to meet Chris and celebrate Sam's birthday a little more with lunch at Victory and froyo at the Yogurt Tap.

And now, back to normal life in Atlanta!
I spent the week catching up from the insanity of conference planning. And, tomorrow, Chris and I are heading to the mountains. But for now, this sweet little city town of Atlanta is where I am!

Happy almost weekend! :)


  1. Looks like things have been great! I love that you and your boyfriend dressed up as Kelly and Zach from Saved by the Bell! I loved that show and they were always my fave couple! What a cute idea too to make a cooler out of a pumpkin! That would be cute for Thanksgiving too! Is that your nephew in those pics? He is absolutely adorable!

  2. What a wonderful few weeks! I can't believe you met Bill Rancic - he is SO HANDSOME! And the beach is amazing and now I want to go back to HHI :) Loveeee you Whit!

    1. I think we were there at the same time! :)

  3. LOVE your Halloween costume - y'all pulled it off perfectly! Looks like you've been up to some fun stuff lately - hope to see you soon!

    --Kelly & Meg

  4. these pictures are so fun! looks like a dreamy time! that bike ride looks like a blast!


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