21 August 2015

What Kind of Blog Reader are You?

Happy FRIDAY friends!

I cannot believe I've already posted 11 weeks worth of Five Facts from a Guy. Holy moly this summer has flown!

I've had the best time doing this series. It has given me the chance to hear from so many of the men in my life - from siblings to friends' fiances and everything in between. It has made me so happy to see how good the men around me are and how well loved my friends are! Nothing feels better than knowing the women you love are with good, thoughtful and kind men who remember to put the toilet seat down and tell them they're beautiful with or without makeup.

But, I already know I enjoy these posts. The question is, do you? I'd love for you to take my quick three-question quiz below to tell me what you think. As I continue to grow my blog, I would love to know what direction you want it to go. So, tell me: what type of blog reader are you?

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  1. I'm not the best at commenting on blogs, but here is my attempt to be better. I know you take a lot of time creating each blog post so I want to let you know I appreciate it. Delayed congrats on your engagement! I really loved your Five Facts from a Guy series. I'm single, and it made me feel happy that there are truly good men out there who deeply appreciate women and will treat them with respect. Your blog makes me want to live more intentionally-a lot of times I just rush right through my day without taking the time to consider how to be present in the moment. Thanks for your blog!


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