11 March 2010

Under the umbrella tree

It's National Umbrella Month and today's thunderstormy weather is the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Along with my love for Hunter's is my love for umbrellas*. There are a few keys to successful umbrella-ing.

The first is that the umbrella is sturdy. It's the worst when you're caught in a storm and it flips inside out and breaks. Or, when you pull it out of your tote and it won't open at all.

Davek umbrellas are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. They're offered in a variety of sizes and colors, too. Who could be grumpy about the rain when carrying a kiwi umbrella?
The second key is that the umbrella doesn't ruin your outfit.

I love the Double Sided Lola Dot from Umbrellas.net. I have a real soft spot for secrets and I'd love to have a different pattern on the inside. You want to know what's under my umbrella? You'll have to share it with me...
And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I love the Burberry Check Compact Umbrella. Flashy? Maybe. But with a black trench, like the Kenneth Cole New York Trapunto Stitched Coat, there's no denying you'd be fabulous.

*It's time to come clean. I don't just love umbrellas and rain boots. I love all accessories. Rainy day, sunny day, resort wear, office wear, indoor, outdoor - even camping. I love them all. This should be considered as you trust my judgement in the future.

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