01 June 2010

Memorial Day love from HGC

Even though Duke thinks it's a little bit ridiculous, Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays.

I love that it is the unofficial start of summer. I love that there isn't a lot of hype, and yet it's always sufficiently celebrated. I love that the pools open, the grills are in full force, and (now that I am a working girl) it always means a day off.

After a particularly wonderful race weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day with a cookout at our house. I'm so happy I could spend the day with some of my favorite people...

Fruit pizza. AKA the best piece of art I've ever created...


  1. I guess no parents, aunts or uncles were invited to the party. Too bad...looks like you guys had fun. Wish we could have been there!

  2. so sad to have missed it...but can't wait to see you in three days!!!!!

  3. I don't think any of them were there...at least that I remember...


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