10 January 2011

snow day

Last night, as the snow started pouring and quickly accumulating on the ground, Jim and I were both giddy with excitement. Although we both grew up with snow. And I moved to Georgia with the hope that I wouldn't see it for a while. And he is from New Hampshire where they get two feet and don't bat an eye...

Yet, we were both still filled with child-like excitement at the prospect of four inches.   We watched the scrolling cancellations as if we were in elementary school, praying for our superintendent to have mercy.  We laughed as we saw things like: "City of Fairburn: Closed".  We stayed up late, just because it felt like a special night.

And although I'm pleased that it will be back up to nearly 50 degrees by the weekend, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying this snowy day.  Now I just have to convince Jim to go sledding with me...

photo via cupcakes and cashmere

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