19 July 2011

840 hours to go

It’s been exactly one week since I found out I can’t run for six weeks. The first week was OK because I didn’t actually believe it was true. I somehow convinced myself that the doctor was probably wrong in his prescription. I was sure that when I got to physical therapy she’d tell me that loco doctor didn’t know what he was talking about, and that I could, in fact, run, did not need therapy, and if I would just put a little ice on my foot, I’d be good to go.

However, I was wrong.

And now it has been exactly 24 hours since I found out I can’t run for (get this) at least six weeks, nor can I elliptical, walk or do anything that involves stepping on/impact to my foot.

When I found out, I tried to remain positive about the fact that I will be stuck on the bike all summer (which is, btw, my favorite season because I love nothing more than running and walking outside) so I bee-lined to a spinning class at LA Fitness. 

However, I got there only 30 minutes prior to the class and was told all the bikes we taken. I wanted to tell the sir manning the bike list that he needed to put my name on the list, as I was on the verge of a major meltdown and really needed to get my endorphins flowing. But instead, I stood there shocked and thought about the fact that the 30 minute drive to get there, plus the 30 minute pre-class time, plus the hour class would have made for an incredible two hour run, but instead amounted to an hour of heartbreak. So then I went and bopped around the weights pretending I knew what the different machines did…

So, it's day two and I actually made it to spinning. It wasn’t a run, but it was a good workout. I’m going to try to remain positive and try new workouts that don’t involve impact during the next (please be less than) five weeks, and might even get my old swimming lungs back. And, if the physical therapy solves my foot woes, it will definitely be worth the sabbatical. It’s been a long time (like 9th grade) since I’ve run without pain, and if running makes me happy even with the pain, I can’t imagine how blissful it will be without it.

So, I’ll spend the next 840 hours spinning and swimming my heart out, with high hopes that I’ll be Prefontaining before we know it.

I’ll be sure to report back if I find any amazing, undiscovered workouts that you need to try.

image via we heart it


  1. Oh Im so sorry :( Hope you can get plenty of swimming and spinning in!

  2. what did you do to your foot??? i just bruised my heel which is really silly but hurts and it is a 4-6 week injury too. i've been thinking about getting back in the pool, but i still have yet to do it :)

  3. oh how my heart breaks for you! i totally feel your pain...literally! somehow i managed to make it 15 weeks this winter...i know you can do it. maybe you will find out you love the bike?! hang in there, twigs!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm sending some positive energy your way! :)

  5. Great post ! And thanks for your comment

  6. awe boo to that report lades. so sucky when you can't get your physical fix. swimming's def less impact though - good one! wishing you the healing process speed ups for sure. ♥

  7. Oh no, what a bummer. At least it sounds like you are making the best of it and finding other options, like spin class and swimming. Hope the next few weeks pass by quickly!

  8. Oh god I totally know how you feel - I had to stop running for a month as I bruised my heel and damaged my achilles but honestly I think the month went by a lot quickly! :)

  9. Poor little Whit! No working out for us at Convention anymore...


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