21 July 2011

if you can't stand the heat...

Everyone keeps whining about this heat, but I'm kind of really digging it. Record breaking? Love it. Heat index above 100? Perfect.

I'm going to spend the weekend soaking it up, that way come winter I can warm myself up with the surplus.

Besides, hotter weather just means more excuses to do things like eat ice cream, drink super cold sangria, spend insanely long hours by the pool and wear sundresses constantly, all the while saying things like: whoah nelly, it's hot.
images: one and two


  1. Glad you are enjoying the heat! I was one of those complaining about it being too hot... It has since been raining for the last two weeks! ha ha, serves me right for not being thankful :)

    Love, vanilla

  2. Ohhh so jealous! Would love a little heat right now - this australian winter is dragging this year!!!

  3. Ha! You were made to live in Georgia is you're enjoying this heat!! ;)

  4. Agreed! People are saying it's the hottest it's ever been this year, but I beg to differ! Oh well! I enjoy the warm summers!

  5. that is what i'm talking about! love your positive outlook on this. Hit the beach and enjoy the sun. Just wear lots of sunblock-k-

  6. we've not had such ground-breaking heat yet but sure am hoping it hits soon! i'll be feeling the same as you lades, all love for warmth....need to infuse it into my cells daily : )

    love the mint bathing suit, how gorgeous! happy Sunday and thanks a bunch for the blog design feedback too. cheers! ♥

  7. The heat doesn't bother me at all as long as I'm inside with my central air conditioning :)

  8. I just bought a J Crew one piece in mint! I can't wait to rock it on our trip to Costa Rica. I won't be complaining about the heat one bit there!

  9. love the last picture!
    Love Lois xxx



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