11 November 2011

oh my sisters!

I've long since confessed my love of sisters. From watching them interact to learning the way they're similar, it's a creepy obsession of mine. Not just my own. Although they're at the very tip top of the list. But all sisters entice me. Hence the creepiness.

That being said, the newest issue of Vogue is my kryptonite. Chocked full of my favorite sister duos - from Kate&Pippa to MK&A, I'm counting down the days until it hits the stands on Nov. 15. In fact, it's the only reason I'm wishing the weekend away. After a whirlwind trip to Nashville last weekend, I'm very much looking forward to being in Atlanta.

All signs points to a wonderful weekend ahead. I hope yours is happy too, and maybe you get to spend time with you sisters :)
Oh! Also. Happy 11/11/11. Love it!

Oh, double also. Do you think it's weird they didn't ask me and my sisters to be in this issue? I think so too!



  1. maybe if i dye my hair black, i can be a fake biber sister? it would be a dream come true.

  2. haha "creepy obsession." you silly! i love sisters, too. especially pretty sisters, does that make it creepier? oh well. it's true. and i hope you had fun here in nashville!!

  3. oh my! I am rushing to pick up a copy as we speak! I love the Olsens, even the youngest one!

  4. We'd look hot with black lace over our faces, I'm sure. You're such a creeper!

  5. I love sisters too! I need to get this Vogue!!

  6. yes! why were we not in this issue????


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