10 November 2011

bright&happy thursday

Am I in trouble? This morning I thought: I'm kind of ready for spring clothes...

I haven't even worn tights yet this season! I've barely even busted out my favorite cardis! I've still got piles of layers to work through...!

Although, I think it's more just a matter of wanting to wear bright colors - whether it be a kini or a coat need not matter.

So today, clad in a coral belt and neon headband, I greet you with a little extra spring in my step. Here's to a neon November!

Oh man. How much do these pencils make you want to color!?

one, two, three, four, five, six


  1. love this post. and can i have those crayons ASAP?!


    Your avid follower :)

  2. i am struggling a bit with the neon trend, but i'm pretty sure that dress is amazing. i'd wear neon for that.

  3. Beautiful color. (:

  4. hahah I was thinking the same thing...first I was like yay fall is here...and now I am wishing spring would come...gosh I hate winter!


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