16 November 2011

rainy day tuesdays

Am I the only one that gets completely giddy when it rains? At 73 degrees yesterday, the thunderstorm filled my bones with excitement. I left work hyper and bounced around all the way until bed; the balminess tricked my body into spring fever.

And although we've yet to put up our Christmas trees or ring in the new year, I fell asleep reminded why I ventured south last year. A little bit of spring in November never hurts.

Oh, and here's to a sunny Thursday, coming at you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. sometimes I like the rain, other times i don't lol. If it's a cold raw rain, not so much. happy hump day!

  2. if you ever chose to change careers, i'm pretty sure you will always have a guaranteed spot as a weather girl. there's a 30% chance that it's raining right now...

  3. i love thunder and lightning. and yes, add the hunger games to your list of reads.


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