10 January 2012

c wonderful

Have you ever found something and thought: this was made for me. Narcisstic? Yes. But sometimes, when I fall so deeply for something and it feels so right, it makes me wonder (i.e. J.Crew. Amiright?)

Enter my relationship with C Wonder.

It all began when Sara gave me the most beauteous bracelet for Christmas, which she purchased at C Wonder in Soho.

Then, Emily pinged me and said: I'm about to change your life and forever break your bank account.

At which point she started telling me about C Wonder, which was started by Tory Burch's ex-husband, and Emily described as similar to TB, but with Kate Spade and J.Crew thrown in, all offered at a more reasonable price.


Whapow! Holleeetuesdeehappeeness!

I'm clinging on to my bracelet realll tight right now until I'm allowed to shop again (need to put a bit of space between me and Christmas, here...). But when I'm feeling like I have just a touch too much money in my pocket (ha!), this will be my first stop.

Emily and Sara both raved about the Soho store, claiming that the online shop barely compares. Looks like I might have to make another trip to NYC? Unfortunately this will interfere with that shopping money I'm attempting to acquire. So if you know anyone with a private jet - or very large suitcase - I'd be happy to hop on board.

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  1. I'm secretly behind C wonder. I developed it as part of on elaborate plot to get you back to NYC. So you're not being narcissistic - it WAS really developed just for you :)

  2. okay, i am in love with j.crew, so now i'm seriously scared at what i'll want at c wonder. i seriously may have to avoid looking!

  3. That is EXACTLY how I feel about Anthro. I think it should be renamed to "Sara's Dream Closet."

  4. yayy! so excited you like it. i'll go back to NYC with you any time to shop :)


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