11 January 2012

twenty twelve, here we go {just a touch late}

When they say fashionably late, do you think they're referring to posting New Year's resolutions on Jan. 11? I think so, too.

Every year I make a list of my successes from the previous year, as well as a list of resolutions for the upcoming one. So far the resolutions have shaped up pretty nicely:
  1. Do a triathlon
  2. Slow down and minimize
  3. Make a budget and keep it (aka no stops at C Wonder)
  4. Read the Bible more
  5. Go to the bars less
  6. Try Pure Barre
  7. Move to my new apartment
  8. Read at least five books for fun
I checked off number six on Sunday and am still in.sane.ly. sore. I'm true loving on the class, but due to number three, won't be able to make a habit of it. But I'm still really happy I tried it, and strongly recommend it. 

Here we go on the rest of the resolutions! 


  1. You can do it! I can't wait to hear about the triathlon!

  2. it's never too late to make resolutions. also, i forgot to tell you this earlier, but my mom gave all of us (the WHOLE fam) journals and a letter for christmas encouraging us to start a day zero project. i think you (and the rest of the biber/howden/smith/guzman clan) would LOVE it. i'm already enjoying mine!

  3. these are great resolutions! they're very doable!!!



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