16 April 2012

making our house a home

This is the story about a lonely wall.
And a little piece of wood Katie got for free at the Home Depot.
She stained the wood and we put a few nailskis in it.
Then we put it on the wall, which was a whole lot like the blind leading the blind, mainly when Katie said, "we need one of those measuring sticks." (read: tape measurer)
Then we popped our aprons up on it.
(&it fell one time)
But the second time, it stuck.

And our lonely wall became our happy wall.
The end.

PS: Double DIY weekend. Stay tuned for another project.
PPS: Check out the cutie birdhouse Katie painted. Labor of love.
PPS: And that's how Sunday becomes Funday at 10 p.m.


  1. Whooo Hoo your wall looks awesome! And who knew you had such super cute aprons!?!?!

  2. Can't wait to see your place in person!

  3. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?


  4. Ooooohhh awesome!!! You girls are very creative...so cute and just one piece of wood!


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