03 July 2012

FOJ Always Wins

One of my favorite games in life is to give people two options and make them pick between them.

Beach or lakehouse?

No peanut butter or no dairy (for the rest.of.your.life)?

You get it.

This spring, I went to a wedding with my friend Austin and spent the majority of the ride from the church to the reception making him pick between holidays.

Although I threw a few curveballs his way (Christmas vs. my birthday - !!) as well as a few gimmes (Arbor Day vs. Thanksgiving), Fourth of July was largely a winner.

And can you blame us!? It's so wonderful!

The one and only Katie Z. is flying in tonight, and I am crazy excited to celebrate with her.

I will report back with pics and stories, but until then, Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day is full of sunshine and sparklers!


  1. yaayy!! have so much fun with kz. think of me in your <3s. lovies!

  2. What a perfect holiday! Enjoy! Can't wait to see youuuuuuu!

  3. I agree! 4th of July is always one of my favorites! Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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