17 July 2012


I really try hard not to say that I don't like certain days of the week, because the thought of not liking 1/7 of life seems a little depressing.

But, if were held at gunpoint and *had* to identify my least favorite day of the week, I guess I would pick Tuesday. Mondays are exciting, because you get to see your work friends and you're refreshed from the weekend. And Wednesdays are great because (1) it's my favorite yoga class and (2) you're already touching Thursday. And Thursday and Friday, I need not explain. But Tuesday! The weekend seems so far, and yet it also feels so far from the last one we just lived.

So, even though I may never admit it again, I guess I don't love Tuesdays.

Let's spice things up with some Tuesday treats, shall we?...

I love AP Style (almost as much as Leslie) and am not one to question Merriam or Webster, but the Gadabout tumblr is a whole new level of yes. Redefining a new word daily, including Gingham (a note off plaid) and dazed (to be dreamily awake), I'm hooked on its new outlook. I'd love to hear what it has to say about Tuesday.
And while you're digging into the definitions, indulge in some frozen peanut butter pops. Nothing jazzes up mid-week blahs like frozen PB, yaknow?
And, just in case that's not enough to put the sparkles back into your week, check out these glitter magnets. They're perfect for hanging some inspiration on your fridge.
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  1. Thanks for the extra pep on Tuesday! Love you and your sparkle!

  2. This could be my most favorite post you've EVER written. Besides the ones about Katie and me, duh. But, Whit, oh. I love this. I actually compared Tuesday to February in my class this morning, like we've done before, remember? I agree 100% with Ash. Love you!


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